Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 27, 2013


by John Grochalsk

there’s urine on the
bathroom floor, she says

the cat did it, i say
have more wine and forget about it
it’ll dry

the cat shits on the floor
this was urine

all right, i say

you peed on the floor, she says

i didn’t pee on the floor
at least not intentionally, i say
i’m a victim of circumstance
being the only male in here

you always piss on the floor


a lot, she says
you’re not careful when you go

you know you do a lot of things
in that bathroom too, i tell her

like what? she asks
but i can’t think of anything

i’m not trying to start a fight
i’m just asking you to be courteous, she says

i plead innocent, i tell her
as i pour us more wine

do you know what it’s like to step in piss?

yesterday i stepped in cat shit, i say
with my bare feet

then do you understand?
neither are exhilarating experiences

it’s gross, she says

for the sake of ending this conversation
i’ll do my best, i tell her

that’s all i’m asking, she says

then we sit there drinking wine
and watching a bad horror movie on the tv

i get up

where are you going? she asks

where do you think? i say

she nods
please be careful this time, she says

always from now on, my love

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