Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The vampire’s prey

by Rajeev Kumar Kunapra

Perplexed I stood amidst the darkness of night,
haunted by the news that scrolled on the screen.
A fourteen year old- drained by her kith.
What was her sin?

Born of a beast was not her fault
Never a reason to be deflowered!
Her father was her hero
the strongest of her world.

But tongue tied she stood, when
The might she adored,
Pounced and muscled in
Then in turn brother, uncles, the malevolent villains

Incessant incest clipped her wings,
Coerced girl sighed and sobbed
But in vain, tears of a prey
Predator never weighs!

Temporal carnal desire
 Overshadows parental love,
Is still an enigma
 rather a stigma!
Most literate yet we boast
Debating a lot bear no fruit
Actions are needed result is wanted
Young blood, plea to thee

Hold her tight, spare them not,
Be the harbingers of spring
Drive the demons off the shore,
“god’s own abode” be of yours!

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