Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Two Eyes of War

by Deanna Mazina

He looks intimidating
With his fierce weapons and dirty uniform
He pulls the trigger
And shoots
His eyes close

She opens the newspaper
With her love, only a number for the press
She reads
And searches for his name
Her eyes close

When his eyes open
He marches along automatically
Without feeling

When her eyes open
She wipes the tears that have overcome her face
Without the ability to accept it

He sits to write a letter
For his love back home
As the pen shoots across the page
The rain comes and smudges the words
His eyes close

She receives a letter
From her love, gone
As she tries to decipher the words
Her eyes stain the page more

His eyes remain closed
As hers grieve
He was the enemy
He was human
His eyes felt

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