Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lateral Currencies and Liberties

by Jacqueline Markowski

Our hair was long, tangled, smoky. Lipstick
and mascara stains, unraveling
sheets. After the 2am migration,
bars closed, where could we possibly go
from there? I knew you let small truths slip
past big moments before we came
back to my house, to my bed. I also knew resistance
would not harmonize in still water. Your kiss,
a peach, your lips fat with directives.
My mouth became a warm candle of images—
what daylight might bring to our side-
show. Words didn’t fail, they were swallowed
by lateral grief and stretched currencies. We were hungry,
plain. The measure of symmetry has always been
a grey area, really. What’s one more complication
among women like us? Morning
brought a continuum, a babbling of days
and years. A need for smooth water will
find us again, together or not, but still,
a living language mapped and navigated
by our kind.

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