Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 31, 2013


by Tom Hatch

Some hobbies are just going home for dinner
Letting the alarm clock alarm you
Even though you knew it was set for 6:30 AM after peeking at 6:26
Or wearing your socks until one gets a hole it
Throwing it away on another day spend hours
Looking for the mate of the one you kept
Miss pronouncing hoers d' oeuvres is a hobby
Staring at the half empty or half full glass o scotch
The hobby of thinking fill it now or until it is really empty
Is it half full or half empty? that is a hobby asking
Friends and people this all the time
It is other peoples hobby to get  annoyed by this
Unless you are drinking scotch it is always half empty
A favorite hobby of mine is at the library stand reading a book
Then look for another in the stacks where
The pretty girl is looking or reading her book
And yes sometimes it just so happens you
Find Moby Dick at level of the third shelf from the floor
Moby Dick is a hobby
Grabbing the Victor Hugo just as she suspects your stare
Open to "What fierce noise rips out of the oaks hewn down
By Hercules at dusk for his own bond fire" the equivalent in French
On the facing page is a hobby
A really good hobby is writing a song with a friend
That neither can sing but hoping someday
Someone will sing it
Another hobby is not to die


  1. And another. . .is to trash your bucket-list and just do it already!

    Brilliant work here, Tom. I enjoyed it very much particularly the last stanza. Cheers!


    1. Devlin, I am honored thank you