Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Touching Tears

by April Salzano

These tears. These wailing howling driving on the highway
tears. Singing with Seger tears. Shame on the moon, roll me away,
distance tears. My father just died, we never made peace tears.

And these tears. Cliché tears. Rolling down cheeks tears. What would be
legitimately described as spilling tears, the can’t be single
splatter, can’t find the beauty in tears.

And these tears. Tears of loss, all out wailing without tears tears.
Soundless, forced tears. Husband had an affair tears. Nowhere
to go, mascara stained, life on autopilot tears. Out of options
bankrupt, loss of soul-mate tears.

And these tears. Cradling life against breast tears. Let this moment
last dear jesus please tears. World split wide open, ready for anything,
hopeful tears. Blind to the future tears. Grateful, gorgeous fat, world
under water tears.

And these tears. Tears of laughter. Someone’s ass crack is showing
in the casino tears. Falling like quarters from a slot machine, spacebag
infomercial, no one else would understand, best friend tears.

And these tears. Tears of nostalgia, old photo, painful, cathartic
tears. Wish I could take it back tears. Can’t believe that was my life,
old wedding bands in the jewelry box, I miss you tears.

Those tears. And these tears.

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