Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Nudes Staring at the Sea

by Jerry Fishman

I see a painting
On the wall.
Icarus splashes in the sea.
Damn fool.

Drones from Obama’s crotch
Rain death on a village called Mysore.
The mother, three children,
Lani, aged 3,
Abdullah, aged 7,
And sweet-faced, snub-nosed,
Lanti, aged six months,
All die as
The steel-nosed drone missile rips
Through the garter belt thin
Thatched roof.
All three sweet children
And mother Nancha-Rui,
All die.

Never Taliban were they.        
Nor bowed to Al Quaeda.
The painting on the wall
Has a  bridal-pure
White background.
And two women
Backs towards me,
Staring out at a gray-blue
Sluggish rippled sea.
Looking through a window.

The Drone Commander
In Torrance, California
Never met the
Pantajaub family.
He just pressed buttons
To kill
Mrs. Nancha-Rui Pantajaub
Her three children:
Son, Abdullah, aged seven,
Wrong place at the wrong time,
Daughter Lani, aged three,
Crazed killer,
Daughter Lanti,, six months old.
Weapons of mass destruction.

And so Icarus
Unwisely plopped
Into the ocean.

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