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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Untitled IV

by Lynne Hayes

it was cold when we met,
or perhaps
only northern winds clinging
to loose threads of that blue jacket
you nonchalantly wore.

finding me in a sea of faces
was something divined
on a worn down riverbank long ago
when living was easy, and
the price of a dance were smiles.

i still recall how my eyes fell
into valleys of your throat,
with pulse beats tapping against
the back of my brain,
rearranging a natural order of things.

seasons have changed threefold,
language has flowed
through half suns, full moons
and days without either while
wishes are corked in blue bottles.

i recently heard a hollywood boy
fell in love with a girl by the shape of her neck,
then swiftly took her away to the shore.

do you still love the water

Sunday, October 30, 2011

crop circles in wood

by Lynne Hayes

i saw a man in the coffee-shop
he sat near the door,
feet moving
in that still-walking pattern
that said take me there
anywhere, somewhere.
observing his profile,
the unshaven jaw twitched
as if biting on an unsaid word.
i wondered if he would spit it out
or swallow with the next sip
of his dark Colombian.
i stared at the man by a door
waiting for an imminent departure
so my feet could rest
in the circles made
on an old wooden floor
taking me somewhere,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

avenue A

by Lynne Hayes

sitting on this gray step
worn old from life,
i see the world at its finest.

dog on a chain hating
his sports coat wearing owner
who calls his wife honey,
keeps a blonde on call
because her child must eat,
and the thrill is
most definitely not gone.

boy across the way
walks likes he’s ninety
calling his baby's momma
a whore,
and i see him hustling
on a gang controlled corner,
shot stone cold dead
within ten.

rising up,
i have seen enough
to wonder why
the old time singers lied.

things always remain
the same.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


by Lynne Hayes

if I had have moved softer
arranged the flowers with finesse

wore the cobalt blue you liked
tilted my head to the east
and licked my bottom lip

you may have
stayed for a cigarette and brandy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reality 101

by Lynne Hayes

Today’s post is real. The names are not changed because these people are, well, I’ll let you decide for yourself.


I had a rather stressful day yesterday, so decided to visit with a friend who is a marvelous cheerer-upper. She knows I do not date, has been on me for a year to date and I keep telling her no. I will date when I find someone worth dating. Her bright idea was to see what is out there in the sea of men for our area. These are the excerpts from the dashing single men looking for a girlfriend. (Taken from a dating website)

tampadawg :
searching for a good hot woman
looking for a LADY with brains, personality, loyality,and a good body.
(This man had a picture of himself in a ripped t-shirt and mirror shades and he puts the emphasis on LADY)

red captain
searching for a good hot woman
looking for a LADY with brains, personality, loyality,and a good body
(Ole Red wants a “hot” woman..sizzling..but first Red needs to learn how to use spell check)

I don't care much for shopping, watching a lot of TV.I am chiseled ,like to ride bmx bicycles log distance
(another spell check non-user. A couch potato, yes, my kind of guy, or we can ride bikes your grand kids ride for fun)

for good person&happy
(Jesus, all caps. He already scares me. I bet he’s like a hyper Chihuahua dog)

Looking for good heardted woman
Time permitting, I am up for most any activity that does not include something dangerous or reckless
(What, don’t want to make bombs or kill anyone? Nope, gotta move on)
Looking fir some one to have fun with
I am old fashion guy who enjoys having fun, hanging out talking. I'm up for dinner and conversation. Been married for 27 years, but got a dear John letter a while back so now separated
Work is all I know-I have a big empty spot in my soul that is about to burst because I've been packing love and lust there. I love the heavier side of Rock-n-Roll but keep a open ear to the New stuff
(Oh good grief, a Dear John letter after 27 yrs? Hello??The light bulb is not too bright here)

Will fill this in later. Will fill this in later. Will fill this in later. Will fill this in later. Will fill this in later. Will fill this in later. Will fill this in later. Will fill this in late
(Mister, you are dry as a bone in the humor dept..)
Various Headlines :

Clyde seeking Bonnie (Never too late to go to jail)
Are you ready for some football??????? (As a matter of fact, no, I am not)
Headline coming soon (I’m on the edge of my seat with suspense)
seeking woman who knows she is beautiful (huh?)
wanted a good looking pritty lean woman (Is pritty lean sort of like purty leen?)
I am told I tend to be a bit anal about certain things (we all have our peeves, right?) (Uh, no!!!)
My name is Dewayne Walker and I am 48 years old. I have 4 daughters by the names of Jennifer, Jessica, Melissa, and Julia. I also have 5 grandchildren by the names of Amber, Shanna, Davarian, Loren, a  Lakeland Florida (Damn dude, ever heard of Identity theft. Nope, scratch. Next)

So dear bloggers, I will remain as I have been these past months. Single, sane and so not looking up any of these fine fellows.

But then again, Tampadawg is a snazzy name.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

No Lifeboat

by Lynne Hayes

How is there not enough room for one more?
Signals of promise float in and around space,
Yet depart with the echo of your footsteps
As you slide out of my ever open door.

Have I not left a watermark upon your chest,
Welded my fingers onto your form deep enough
to matter to you?
I need no silence and fear that my heart will eventually rest.

Counting to ten every time I hear your name,
I must remember
To take the falls, one at a time.
One minute I swear never to listen to that song ever again,

Next, I am kissing your departed shadows

Sunday, July 18, 2010


by Lynne Hayes
Hey you? 

Looking for something perhaps,
to erase the fears or by chance can
help you launch face first into my
Sweet Oblivion.

Nights become days become nothing,
but a Wicked spiral of ins, outs
Sideways, slide ways of messiness.

Trade me your usefulness 
and I will return to you a bounty of sloth 
then let me Rape your smile 
and replace it with a line on the horizon. 

Allow me to assist in your flat line of Vitality.
Please, keep taking from my claw the 
sweet poisons of eternal voids 
and I will offer the demise you so 
Unconsciously Crave.

Retreating into the abyss 
without ropes, tethers or any ground beneath
your feet I can ensnare the future you
so willingly offer for my economies.

Hey you? 
Let me assist in the Remains of your day.