Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The World Never Revolved Around the Sun

by Chris Wilkensen

They thought to disguise their pity, so it was suffocating with beauty
Something simple would fail, for people are too gullible
While the jubilance made love with malignant melancholy
Creating an unlikely and unfaltering union of all things unholy
It began small and has been showing no signs of stopping
The scheduled bystanders arrived without choice and looked for the signals to tell them what to believe
They couldn't tell the difference between wrong and right, good and bad, life and death
Content to do what the wise suggested, they followed their hallucinations and walked the path to their lingering, underemphasized downfalls
It wasn't the same scenario for everyone, since the poor ones ended up with everything the others left behind
They were up so high the only place they could go was below their single, universal vice they each claimed as their lone reason for lying

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