Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Untitled Passenger

by Noah Langlois

I am the Eternal Passenger
I can flow forever on the worlds good vibes, but they never seem to stick around very long
I’m the holy fuck up
I plant flowers in hell, water them with kerosene, and cry when they burn to the ground
I’m the Absinthe kid
One day my liver will lead my body in revolution against me and I’ll die in my own vomit
I’m the final clown
The last son of laughter, long since lost to pathos and melancholy. I can’t think of a joke
I’m discontent personified
When I was in Eden I prayed for heaven, and upon my ascension requested eternal damnation
I’m the martyr without a cause
Someone build me a villain, I’m dying for something to kill and I’d kill for something to die for
I am Tomorrow
Imperfection is the goal of my soulless body. Control is dead and old and worthless to me

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