Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Salt My Love Away

by Nathan Ventura

You are better off salted
than wrapped forever
in my stinking meat,
for the regret of high school sweethearts,
like my father, and my mother,
already churns inside me;
And as I anticipate the death
of childish dreams,
entwined  in the fickle strings
that dangle between all hearts and cocks,
I grow fouler by each day’s passing;
the maggots confiding in me,
they may soon reach your flesh.
If only I could only set you away,
save you for insipid years;
for when I am through with this rotten self.
He is here now,
my savage in chains,
restless and rattling his cage,
stubborn as all hell,
like a desperate friend
never letting me be
until I give him the time of day,
salting my love away.

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