Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Greatest Forklift Driver

by David Mac

When you see me on my forklift,
you watch
and learn.

You see my chariot dance in the yard,
the swirl and spin,
the dirt and dust of industries and labour.
Stand back.
You’re weak and breathless,
I can tell.

As I carry out these smooth machine operations,
that would be so complex to a mortal man,
you know I’m thinking.
I’m contemplating the poem in this factory/warehouse world.

You can tell it in the way I determine my movements,
as I calculate weight and height, balance,
the forces everywhere.
You see me remembering Newton and his apple,
a little thing called ‘Gravity’.

My hand rests limp on three black levers.
See me operate my shift,
my tilt,
my balance,
my stack,
my vertical raise.
See me lean out the side to see around the object in my vision.
Hear shaft clang and mast rattle.
See how I turn corners,
skilfully steering.
See my heavy load.
See me fast, safe, precise, smooth,
efficient, methodical,
a beautiful rider,
a shining star.

See me up here,
you know,
like some kinda god,
and you know I am the Forklift King
forklift warrior,
forklift angel moving before you.

You don’t have to say nothing.
The fact you thought all this
is enough.

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