Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Conversations with My Son

by Paul Hostovsky

Pretty amazing
that I can think of you
and tell you so with my thumbs
and seconds later
that thought reaches you.

duh dad its the 21st centry in
case u havnt notcd

Oh, I've noticed. And would it be
too much to ask
for us to talk on the telephone
sometime this afternoon
or this evening?

i cant theres a game tonite
and rite now im pregaming 

What does "pregaming" mean?

dad u dont hv to punctuate evrythng 

pre-gaming—drinking several
alcoholic beverages
or using illegal drugs
before going to a larger function
in preparation of getting toasted)

So what else are you learning
up there in college
at fifty grand a year???

i guess im expanding 
my vocabulary dad
and yours :)

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