Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Madani and the Marines

by Rajeev Kumar Kunapra

Forlorn he behind the bars,
No bail, no trial
A fragile frame with manifold ails!
Why this delay, why do we lag?
Punish him if guilty, or set him free,
Cause ‘festivities’ are for him too!

Indomitable our pride
holds the head always straight.
A culture the world admires
A tradition immunized to influence
Yet we let the Italians fly!
Relics of slavery still prevail?
Or the one who bridles
Still throbs for compatriots?

Poor Indian fisher men,
‘Easy money’ was never their choice.
With their catamaran set for a ‘catch’
Villains in the vessel-blew out their hope!

Felons- bored of a ‘holiday’ here
Went home for the ‘Holy day’!
May come back again to
Shoot us for sport! For them
No one to stop or nothing to fear!

This is the ‘craze’
We’re destined to ‘demo’.

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