Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, January 17, 2013


by Richard Hartwell

The majestic northern coast of California lures me still,
as do the entire coasts of Oregon and Washington
in all their various guises:

fog-shrouded wedding of earth and water
wicked expectancy of air and fire
placid and playful rollers
foam-whipped adversaries
piers and piles and pyres of rock formations
left alone except for the view of gods
both above and below the sea
coast of pines and fir and myrtle
to twist the stealthy fog when come ashore
promontories that beckon
sacrifice or suicide or saints
salt that clings to nostrils
far inland beyond other lost senses
crowds of clouds gathered
portent of inundation
losing individuality
loosing tumultuousness under compression
entire heaven becomes gray
lambasted by billowed winds
granite and lava rock sculptors
mating of water and earth wind and fire

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