Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, December 9, 2012


by John Pursch

Groupers ascend in fallow public drool, sampling etudes with some wanderer’s left hand. Thermostats chew trusty pinochle fleets, eloping with stuttering gymnasts. Beer grenades cough up normal fistulas in backroom terrier cars, bunting before holy storms encase a sloppy tarmac’s imploding gorilla. Height stows supernal shavers, flexing clarified bear nog, chugging inflexible dart boards. One-time keypads cling to silence, glimpsing an old-fashioned headrest’s chirping starlet hue. Feathered harriers warn arrested slipstreams to pan for static, groping in islands of tournament storks. A shuffleboard crone’s diurnal crouton plays for hamburger prolapse, fencing fodder into natural asphalt chews. Mini-martians overflow in punch-card treks, healing canonical farmhands with trenchcoat socket cheese, spilling varsity horse shocks. Focal troughs of canned fluorescent gravy blend statutory beagles with newly coded gel. Vowels erode conned officers, cornering fast parakeets with phoned hyena breath. Meager eateries clone junket teens for oysters, spurring cross Asians to airy innuendoes, catering to eels beneath a shoddy reef. Purple weasels speak in curled estrangement, softening the Roman surge of felonious cellophane. Saffron cataracts plum stark ingestion cues, grafting vellum intervals to pretzel automatics, bending a nine-grain vestibule. Fulgent tanners pin indigenous hobos to biscuit igloos, fixing lensed supermen with darkroom casts. Eschatology flits from easy Chinese fees, chattering plastic talismans when seething dentures scheme. Cataleptic discos percolate germinal effluvia, peering into beehive weirs, swelling to engulf a three-put weekend. Hip-deep in cruising sand, cornets plow eternal leaves, topping bellybuttons with crème de la ice pick, flossing capitulation’s souffle. Unknown tapirs mount a piqued howler’s mastodon, tickling pitted fawns with stolen benches, leaking snarky sabots through gavel mornings. Candy kerchiefs strut in scenery sauce, memorizing leverage stew for launching pad socks. If caustic rhizomes belt eternal kneepad torque, how nervous will munchies make the crowded test tube’s fabled sister? Only mighty elves whale beyond flown scythes, cheering up embarking pavers. Ladder gangs control obliquity’s leaden locket, scorching grommets with a salivating chaise lounge. Predecessors freeze in sunlit allegiance, paying flawed chants to easel mechanics for pending nodal graces. Monthly hills surrender pants to handsome fading mice, shielding vertebral chimneys from wooden stack scars. Counting facial egress, boggled archers soothe a carnival’s grown geyser, changing faxed ideas into filial twine. Noon materializes in octal June, lapses into slumber, and catches old rivulets of dusty skin. Horoscopes emote to oily plaster joints, simmering in morning lawns, stashing schoolhouse anklet tunes. Quarterly wasps sing to gyrating minnows, issuing cardiograms to basting pylons. Valves cement an equine nomad, stipulating hassle-free rolling pails, philandering with suppurated queues. Supine warblers chart encumbered lattice tweed, leaking existential poppers, shorn of pliant surcease. Panderers sink to serpentine grails, penning crooner diaphragms for housewife IOUs, spawning quick ironic histories for mauve fakers. Glossy chats abolish catheters, healing shed tillers, cordoned often. Shortbread reaches crusty locomotion, preening for sourdough news, only to recover cello poses of itchy shouting grace. He flavored thespian glue with sapient gleanings, sparing the misty-eyed starlings an altered ear, much to the banquet master’s illuminated steam. Mowers stanched the credo’s livery hatch, paddling off to thrice remanded spores, emitting blonde pluperfect flecks. Seventy or so luminous chairs, feeble and sporadic, squatted carefully beyond recusal’s sampled font, facing serial coilers, wafting strewn dressing gaffs between a knighted heir’s sudden teeth.

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