Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


by Claudia Rey

You know, said the handsome man
I thought that our friendship could develop
that we could become more than friends
but something just doesn't fit.
Don't know what it is
maybe you're too much for me
too clever, too sophisticated
too well learned, too…
Too old? said the woman.
Come on, man, say it,
stop coating the pill.
I'm too old, that's your problem.
What a pity.
You couldn't see past the façade
so you don't pass the test.
She twisted a shell on her bracelet
and stood transformed.
Taller, slimmer, tanned,
smooth oval face,
shining golden eyes.
A stunning beauty.
A bluish cloud surrounded her as she went away
hips swaying, long skirt flowing like water.
Amigo, said the waiter
bringing him a glass of mezcal,
lo siento para ti. She was Naya, the sea goddess,
but you didn't recognize her.

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