Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Was Drunk

by James Babbs

I walked down to the creek
and stood in the grass
listening to the sound of the frogs
growing louder as the darkness rolled in
before I leaned over and
vomited into the weeds
I was drunk and
I felt better now
I needed another beer
I wanted to wash
the sour taste from my mouth
I walked back to the house
and pulled another bottle
from the ice-filled cooler
I sat down on the deck
I leaned my head back
and looked up at the stars
I started counting them
but there were too many and
when the others asked me
where I’d been
I told them
down by the creek
it’s a nice night I said
I leaned back again and
the feeling came over me
I wanted to float
out of my own body
but something inside me
just wouldn’t let go
I finished the beer
and reached for another one
I took a long drink
and somebody laughed

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