Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, December 6, 2012


by Vinodkumar Edachery

Narrow- mindedness
Revels in cruelty
Terror’s offspring
Chop the palm of dissent
Re-enacting the barbarity
Of the Middle Ages
Checking all progress
And freedom of thought
Not the followers of God
But, of Devil
Eight of them surround
A helpless deer
Tear the limbs apart
Like the feathers of a bird
Relishing wolfish cruelty
Celebrating savagery
Bathing in human blood
Wisdom never dawns on them
They need a world so ugly
Like their terror outfit
Instilling communal venom
Teaching irrational things
Their flocks, a retarded lot
They label everything heretic
As moral police sometimes feign
Attack women in public places
Mislead  folks and distort facts
Many a Malala suffer from this
Thus the great Indian Taliban is sprouting up
They strive to create a Terror Republic
Swear to rewrite secular history
With a lot of flamboyance
Freedom Parades are going on
Want to weaken Muslim League
That leads the youth in peaceful ways
Never cultivate tolerance
To them, faith is the world
Like the frogs in the well
They pounce upon,and demolish
Age old statues
Smash TV sets and computers
Like Don Quixote reborn
They are scared of
Broad daylight
Pretend they can safeguard faith
Unleashing reign of terror
But actually cowards
Who fled for life
Many a time
Leaving the community
In the lurch

Let us shed the dry crust of religion
Outdated laws and customs
And let the good values reign
It is wise to know
That rashness is a folly
Prudence, not a bad thing
Stirring up communal passion-
A wicked thing, most primitive.

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