Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


by Marc Carver

I stopped at the supermarket
there was a mobile chemo truck out the front
I thought about asking them if they could give me a zap
I guess they would ask me if i have cancer
and i could tell them that i don't have cancer
i am cancer.

As i walked toward the shop
i started to whisper at the big woman in front of me with fake orange hair.
"Get out of the way fatty, big butt get out the way, big butt big butt.'
As i passed her she looked at me in  a very peculiar way.

I looked at the woman with the beauty spot in the store
i could not tell if it was fake or real
but she looked good
in fact they all looked good.
I must have looked at ten women
and you know what.
I could have jumped on all of them.
I walked around the aisles muttering to myself
They weren't good things either
i knew i had to get out so i went to the self checkout
and there was the woman with the beauty spot
i wish i told her that she didn't need it but in the end i just ran out

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