Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, December 13, 2012

on tuesday the 6th

by Ed Markowski

Opened my eyes
Shut the window
Crested twenty – one pearls
Q tipped my wax wells
Watched PBS
Watched Fox
Drank two cups of coffee
Drank two cups of milk
Planted a moon dog
Pulled up a cattail
Ate an English Muffin
Ate a slice of Pumpernickel
Listened to Bob Dylan
Listened to Wayne Newton
Rode the wind through a White Pine
Climbed the stars between Mpingo branches
Deep fried a Dixie Chicken
Baked Alaska
Sailed a desert
Painted an ocean
Bought twelve American Beauties
Sold a dozen chocolate éclairs
Felt a field mouse roar
Touched a show dog’s whimper
And when I forgot to vote
I remember waking up.

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