Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, February 23, 2012


by Will Monigold

They don’t live in submarines.
They shit in the dirt
And drink whiskey from small cups.
On holidays they love horses
More than Jesus, or Santa
Or the Easter bunny.
They eat beans from iron pots
Cooked by rough men in dirty aprons.
When dudes eat steaks in fancy restaurants’
In St. Louis or Chicago
It is from a steer branded
By a cowboy. They pull
A rope around its neck
And bind it’s feet tight
And burn it with a glowing iron.
The tough cowboys are from Texas
But I understand that gauchos
Can kick a movie cowboys’ ass.
They shoot each other with pistols
Brawl in bars, and screw
Unfortunate women who have
No other way to survive.
I know someone who loves
To watch movies about cowboys
And that makes them real to me.

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