Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


by Melanie Browne 

He bragged that he once built his
own electric chair, and that it worked,
and that is how his best friend died
back in Indiana.
he boasted that his uncle
was John-Gotti  and all he had to
do was “make a phone call,”
and that in an instant he and I could
jet-set across the planet,
he showed me his Pale-green back-pack
That contained all his worldly belongings,
The St. Christopher charm, an old polaroid
of a mine-field, (he didn’t say how he got it)
I didn’t go all the way with him,
because I knew he was a liar,
but he got to second base, (possibly it was third)
because the possibility that he was related
to a mob-boss, however far-fetched,
really turned me on.

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