Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Men Rule the World

by Brian Rosenberger

We were dining w/ friends. My firstexperience at a Korean restaurant. I will be back as that's damn good cuisine -grilled marinated steak, some mashed potato/cole slaw mash up, tasty, sinusclearing soup, too much (not enough) Saki and a lot of stuff I didn'trecognize, but eagerly consumed. Conversation covered a variety of things -work, why would-be Pres. Newt is a bad idea (President Newt, need I further address), eating habits of the elderly, and at some point, the burden ofwomanhood. By this point, I wasn't sure if I was a fan of Saki or not. Furtherconsumptions was needed. I proclaimed "Men Rule the World" andinvited argument. I pointed out Atlas, the titan who bared the burden ofsupporting the heavens on his shoulders, and undoubtedly peed standing up. As afan of cosmologies, I could have argued the Heads of Mythological pantheons(the ones I know of) are often male - Zeus, Jove, Jupiter, Odin, Atum,Quetzalcoatl, Lord Shiva, Yahweh, Jehovah (Mr. Jehovah to you), etc. Sure, I'llspot you Good old Gaea (Mother Earth) but I'm pretty sure she was makingbreakfast pancakes for Uranus back in the day. Besides, I could compare NBA ratingsto WNBA ratings. Björn Borg would have crushed Chrissie Evert in theirrespective primes. I don't recall ever seeing a female participating in theSuper Bowl. Still no female president (and that's a damn shame). Granted, Oprahis all-powerful but she's the exception, not the rule. This conversationcarried over into the Sunday morning with my wife. Again, I stated "menrule the world." She rebutted, "But women rule men" and Iconfess, I had no argument save one small request - Honey, go make me some pancakes.

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