Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Say What!

by Kim Wilson

Believe that what was told was not said.
The quiet voices yell blurts of fear and fire and this is where the rage fills the well
and overflows into weary caterpillars that scurry to reach a safe place to butterfly.
Living in a closed world will only burn quietness into your being
so you'll never be who should unfold and deliver to the masses masses of knowledge
that can only be spilled when your blood flows over a warm surface.
Alienate your soul glowing as an outfit to fit in,
deepening anxiety's hold held around your neck.
Breathe, breathe, breathe! And let the mother in, be the mother out.
Zero in on the cause.
Yes, that too has its place, move over.
Stop pushing.
You may be next; sister lend me a hand only that I may stay once I stand up
over the rainbow of blacks and whites and browns.
Invite me into your journey and I'll make it sweet.
What you may want to need is the pearly gates we women possess
only 'til you rest your weeping eyes. It has brought life to the mighty.
Never underestimate the twisted'ness of a frayed mind.
I believe I can melt chocolate in my cold hands.
My fire reaches such a surface and the fight never goes out.
Get your head out of my ass and be beneficial somewhere to somebody regarding something, sometimes.

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