Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Clue Fantasia

by Richard Peabody

Alicia Witt on the table top
in the gaudy Dining Room wearing
combat boots with a rampant rabbit.

Maggie Grace against
an ornamental door in the Hall
with a red velvet whip.

Kate Moss on the Cellar Stairs
in a black PVC corset saying,
“Stick out your tongue, slave.”

Rachel McAdams in the pastel Ballroom
in a feathery mask and little black dress
dripping wax from a candle.

AnnaLynne McCord in the Conservatory
in a black bustier with a purple strap-on
and stolen police handcuffs.

Kim Cloutier on a brown leather chair
in the Study with white high heels
and a jar of peach blossom honey.

Amber Heard on a settee in the Lounge
with glow-in-the dark rope, sailor’s knots,
Reddi-Wip and chocolate syrup.

Amy Adams in an elaborate Wonder Woman
costume on the gold tile in the Kitchen
with a butcher knife at your throat.

Laura Vandervoort on the green felt
in the Billiard Room with anal beads
and black leather opera gloves.

Tricia Helfer, your classy rich bitch boss, 
with warming lube on top of a layer of
gilt-edged first editions in the dark Library.

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