Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, February 5, 2012

white horses

by Ross Vassilev

I throw
a bit of rainbow in the air
for the lost children of the streets
for lost children in slums everywhere
for lost children
in god-awful families that never shoulda been
for Che and the Zapatistas
for Baader-Meinhof and June 2nd
for Joe Hill
for people who think that vulgar stories
are poetry
for the lost generations of East Europeans
since the Fall
for everyone who ever tried to become
an artist and failed
and all that's left
is the arms of the angels
for everyone whose dreams
are all rainbows and white horses:
remember all of them in your prayers to the Gods.


  1. Ross, I've never read anything by you better than this.

    You must be feeling a lot better.

    Great to hear you out in the hustings

  2. This is great. Plus anything that mentions Baader-Meinhof and The Fall in the one poem deserves praise.