Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, May 19, 2013

who i was when i was something to you

by Amy Soricelli

i am the string once i was the balloon.
once i was the free floater sunlit waves across your hair/the ocean
the blue blue ink on the page.
i am the switch once i was the light.
once i was the only beat of every drum every heart/the rustle of
the leaves across the open space of your life.
i am the hush once i was the sound.
once i was the simple bumps across the arm the silent thoughts/the anticipation of
the very moments when you'd see me.
i am the blink once i was the eye.
once i was the solid gleam the sparkling shadow/the inbetween
the words and spaces in your sight.
i am the very thing you miss.

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