Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, May 23, 2013

What There Is: What There Isn't

by Amy Soricelli

There is no canvas with that old man on the bench.
No spotty spots of blue and gold no drippy shades of yellow
there is no lemon sunny-bright sun in his tired hat; No lilacs pumped up
grapes there are no wrinkled plums in his shadowy brown bag.

There is no shadowy brown yellow sun with the old man on the bench.
No drippy blue and gold suns no lemony wrinkled plums no bags
of spotty spots;There is no canvas of lilacs - no pumped-up grapes
in his tired hat- no bright shades.

There is no tired hat with that old man on the bench. No canvas of lemon-
sunny bright grapes - no lilacs in the brown bag - no shadows of spotty spots
in wrinkled plum shades of blue.  No drippy suns/ gold/pumped up

There is no old man on the bench. No hat.
Just a canvas of spotty spots of lemony bright suns/yellow grapes
drippy shades of pumped up gold and blue - lilacs wrinkled and tired
in a shadowy brown bag.

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