Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Head Full Of Verses (Heart Full Of Blues!)

by Paul Tristram

Some days solitude
is your favourite friend.
A strange pub
in a strange town
by the seaside.
A good packet of cigars,
4 or 5 pints of real ale
and a spot of people watching
from behind your
extremely hip sunglasses.
Get a local newspaper
and read the usual crimes
committed in unusual
sounding places.
Buy a warm steak pasty to walk,
It’s a temporary day
in temporary surroundings.
It’s nice not even having to check
where the dog is for a change.
Remember that this is why
you are a Rover,
The Gypsy in your blood
needs to shake it all loose
every now and again.
This is the cleansing,
the re-charging, the way.
You do not always need
a head full of verses
or a heart full of blues
to spend the day upon your own.
Sometimes it’s the only way
but sometimes it’s the sensible way,
the right way, the perfect way.
You’ve learnt that much, at least
Thank God!

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