Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our love

by A.V. Koshy

The wound - rents we made in each other's hearts
became eyes; dripped wet and waxen tears
that turned into moths, bees and tiny birds
in the foliage of our dreams, bright with their brilliant plumage

I swear yours were violet, indigo, parti-coloured
orange, welt-red and of parallel venation
coming as they did, like you, from both ends of the spectrum
While mine were a solid blue, lush green and sunshine-gold
only recently purling, like smoke signals, into thin rings

Look how even in our cuts and tears we complement each other,
our creatures flitting in our imaginary night's forest
proving, inseparable fireflies and glow-worms making love
that we love one another but cannot openly declare it.