Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have finished crying

by Poulome Mitra Shaw

I have finished crying.
I cry no more.
I wept months for you
Stained shadows left on the bed sheet
Need to be washed, dried and ironed.
Everything's on as before
The tea tasting the same,
The crows knocking on the pane,
Morning sunlight framing the shadows.
You and me stand buried deep in a frame
... Amidst monsoon symphony
A decade since followed. You fled when all lies caught up with us.
Every morning the smoke mounts to burning eyes
I sit forever with the tea
holding a habit as ancient as hope.
Waiting for you to return from all those roads that lead you astray
Waiting for you to keep those promises
Waiting for you to look at our baby
Postponing living each day....
Swaying days and flipping pages over
As if today doesn't matter
I have finished crying
I cry no more.


  1. When tears and pain freeze, they crystalize into a poem like this...with you in the beauty and glory of this great piece of work:):)

  2. A lovely poem..pain and memories make a powerful concoction.

  3. When searing pain finds solace in tears and a torn mind seeks expression in words do such creations abound. My salute to thy unrelenting spirit.