Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, May 30, 2013


by  Sherry Steiner

Strictly speaking some movements operate to the edge of the frame.  Sociological accuracy, dour reservations,  clarified Etienne's position. He viewed himself as a 1930's pope, a rock and roll star and a bank clerk all rolled into one. Truly literal.
Distortions were a bound as a 5th grade class collected for displaced elephants in the South Bronx. The public melted for exotic settings and generously gave until an amateur photographer found solace in producing freeze frame shots of the collection box in Etienne's hands. Attracting more attention as in a fashion statement he longed to be elsewhere clothed in a striped polo. Elephants in a coin box were all peripheral matters. Shaping of the facts in a high speed blur he calculated his business as an art or hobby and being somewhere between a thief and a hustler he resisted 39 people who wanted his autograph. If this was vaudeville he may think differently but nevertheless guilty of the fade to white, Etienne thinks in 72 beats per minute.
Cabdrivers take turns passing him by as his own failing attempt is so obvious in the twenty seconds of exposure. Centered off to the left Pierre whispers volumes about the ripple effect and some mechanical device of a German nature which is unlikely to bridge his memory or save any footage. Tired of thumbing a ride from these basic elements of language the two men found generalized mechanics more comfortable then retreating verbal commentary as the wings of Saturn were questionably suspended.

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