Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


by Bradford Middleton

The life on the road came to me one day
Walking up the hard shoulder of the motorway
Being told to get off by the transport cops
We only want a lift I try to explain
You’ll have to pick it up at the next services
Cos you’re not allowed to do it here
How far is that then I ask the cop
It’s only a short little walk, a couple of miles
At most he tells me

We finally arrive and am hungry
Desperate for a lift but also for some
Sustenance to help the journey
After a while a cigarette is needed
So outside we go to light up our drug
Not sure of where we are or how
Much further we need to go
We smoke our smoke and wonder
What to do now

Then it happens and everything is fine
A lift has arrived and they even
Know where it is we want to go
Sheffield we say, ah The Leadmill
They declare to our surprise
Why yes is it that obvious I ask
Its no problem they say we can
Probably even find you somewhere
To sleep tonight if you want

Yes please we say and the drive is on
That glorious feeling of freewheeling
Up the motorway to a place unknown
A look around at what is to offer
Before its off to the gig and great it is too
That night we sleep overlooking a cemetery
From a grand old house but then the real
Fun comes later as we hit the road again

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  1. hi all, just wanted to let you all know i've now got a facebook page you can go and like and view some other pieces i have in various places around the internet:!/pages/Bradford-Middleton/260649063972790