Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ruhemann’s Purple

by Paul Tristram

All of that wickedness!
The violence, the lies,
the thieving and cruelty.
People’s lives left in ruins,
He was a complete nightmare.
Even the police were scared of him,
He was rotten to the very core,
even as a child he was
a horrible little Bastard!
God only knows
the amount of taxpayers’ money
that went into investigating him?
But they never got him,
could never touch him,
not even a parking ticket,
can you believe that?
It’s crazy, isn’t it?
He thought he was invincible,
walked around town like he owned it.
Until one day they found
2 schoolgirls dead and naked
in the woods.
And on one of the pages
of one of the books
ripped up and scattered
around them
was his fingerprint
in Ruhemann’s Purple
for all the world to see.

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