Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


by Will Monigold

I could hear him mumbling
Something. Mumbling. When I was
Closer I could hear him. “It’s better
Walking on the moon. It’s better
Walking on the moon.” Monday.
Sitting in my underwear in
front of a screen. I can’t
See any reason to give the
Day a purpose. Raining.
I look down at my tattooed
Arm. The pictures trace a path
From somewhere to somewhere
Else. I study one that reminds me
Of a night I passed out under
A tree. I woke because someone
Was shining a light in my
Face. I put my arm up
To block the glare and slowly
Opened my drunken
Eyes. When I finally
Managed a peek I saw
The moon.

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