Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Waiting For a Beautiful Woman

by James Babbs

she shows up
ten minutes before three
she works second shift
except on Wednesdays
that’s her day off
and every other Sunday
but I never come on Sundays
I stay home
I like to watch football
she’s wearing red today
she always looks good
but I really like it
when she wears red
after I’ve watched her
get out of the car
and disappear inside
I drive a couple blocks
down the street
and hang out at the bar
I have nowhere else to go
I sit around drinking a few beers
flirting with the waitress
the heavy-set one
with the weird looking eyes
I know I could get her
if I wanted to
but I just like to keep
stringing her along
when the clock reads eleven
I give the waitress a nod
leaving her a big tip
before I drive back
and sit in the parking lot
I really like it
when she comes out
her hair all a mess
dragging herself to the car
some nights
she just sits there
both of us in the dark
before I hear the engine
of her car starting up
I wonder what she’s doing
what she might be thinking about
and I ache inside
wishing I could hold her
and I can’t stand it
longing to feel her
moving against me
and I just want to
whisper in her ear
pushing the strands of her hair
away from her face
telling her not to be afraid
pulling her closer to me
everything’s going to be okay

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