Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, July 12, 2012


by De Jackson

perhaps it is
her penchant for either
spinning opposite the Earth
or standing completely
maybe her axis
(more tilted than most)
is simply no longer at center
or perhaps her
is cooling.
all she knows is
the mournful moon pulls
at her more than ever
at least two-thirds of her
has spilled into that ocean place
where sorrow meets sea.


  1. I really like this. It doesn't tell me everything, though I know the woman is troubled. I find myself making up a multitude of reasons why she has so much sorrow, but realize it doesn't matter. Sorrow is sorrow.

  2. Lovely poem, De. I especially like the last three lines.

  3. I'm a fan, simple as that! ^^

  4. I agree with Laurie. The last three lines are so full of sorrow and yet I like the first one too where it starts out with "spinning opposite the Earth" and creates an imbalance at the start. Great poem, De!!!

  5. Lovely, De! All your images of the "mournful moon" and the "sorrow meets sea" are moving and through your words, I can feel how close to the heart they are! Beautiful!

  6. A perfect De-type poem; my favourite sort.

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