Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day-old Cakes

by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Specific populations neveraccept day-old cakes, half price tickets, pugs,
Preferring, instead, to makethe most of bounteous landscapes framed in museum pictures.
Otherwise, galleries would be “sooooMidAmerican;” persons couldn’t attempt separating
Marshmallowfluff, laundry, also irregular type fonts from the task of working,
Especially when bound by the interpersonal intelligence of nuttering quolls,wombats, pregnant llamas.

A different type of car, ones with dark windows, new plates,tinted glass, hidden locks,
Might, for such matrons (accustomed to babbling to theirnightstands’ lamps),
Rectify rather frighteningsituations, could possibly teach their youngsters to extinguish fires.
What’s more, in contemporary times, the advent of: circusowners, Tibetan monks,
Back country witches, togetherwith crazed researchers, still causes cacophonous stock pricing.

Whereas staff able to avertsuch customer flinders entertain gracious notes from patrons,
It remains our chore toapplaud their clever applications, our jot to encourage their targeted
Adaptation of obliviousblathering, poised ostentatiousness, awkward remittances.
Alternatively, we jeer clerks, who give poor prizes orcomplain, get canned, smacked,
Receive epitaphs neither flattering nor coordinated to theirsweatshirt collections.

So, while shrugging, we spewabstractions to audiences from institutes of contemporary art,
Act as if no disadvantage is meaningful;pretend, in hindsight, there were never hidden costs.
Personifying good-bees makesus forget that real ringleaders pay managers, reducedto lecturing
Chemistry,lots of money, especially when their charges are expatriates or remotehousing contractors.
It’s better to suckle the beliefthat able relations are built from compassion than to try to understand.

Sounding off aboutstoichiometry or about poorly populated phylums, after all, stymies evenbunnies;
Brings tauntings about tumbling‘round the Middle East, about wading in the charity-garneringfountains.
Advisably, one disregards the caterwaulingof dumpster cats, the flights of fledging lizards, traffic.
Entrepreneurs will continue tobid against elderly patrons, will truncate worthy lessons, serious mentations.
Hush sweet baby, run the water,shut the door, pick up the towels and toiletries, shake, pray.

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