Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

(Sad song near Omak)

by Will Monigold
The trucks on 97
Pass dangerously close
It’s about midnight
Escaping is all I can do
When I saw you kiss him
The blood in my heart
Ruined my head
I’ve tried to eat
But nothing tastes like you
I’ve tried to sleep
But my eyes 
Are too red to close
I’ve danced to this tune before
Brave men have tried to kill me
Iron bars have hidden me from the sun
Drink has left me dry
When I Iost you
Everything diminished
The moon has set
I can make out Orion
Sage is the bouquet
That sweetens the night
When a car finally stops
It’s full of drunks
There’s no room for my stuff
I’ll show up anywhere
with twenty bucks

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