Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meditative Thoughts While Shaving

by Peter Franklin                                          

I thought of you
While shaving my legs today -
Rather unusual I admit.
I really try not to think of anything…
Or anyone, for that matter…while
Holding a finely-stropped weapon
In my hand.  And not just because I’m new at
This.  I’m not a big fan of giving blood.
Carefully lathered, took a deep
Breath.  Really? Cyclists do this?
I now feel so relevant…though
I’d rather be writing some sort
Of offbeat love poem, a safer territory
For me, but having grown weary of the
Hirsute legs I am plagued with,
Off it goes.
I remember once how you said you
Thought of me while shaving your legs
(which is totally normal for you…the shaving part,
Not thinking of me) –
So here I am returning the favor.
Of course, I’m bleeding…
Rivulets of crimson ego trickling
From the nick just below my knee.
But my heart also bleeds a bit knowing that
You’ll soon be into another life chapter.
It’s time.
It’s normal.
It’s expected.
The nest has outgrown its purpose,
And all metaphors aside, its
Time for you to make your own tracks.
That’s what you say.
That’s my response.
Don’t forget to write.
I can’t imagine having to do this again.

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