Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rothko chapel one

by Marc Carver


I did not need to write any words about it
all those different colors and shapes
could probably come to  life 
if you let them.
 They were like
looking into darkened lakes.
The harder you looked
the more you saw.
They have no end 
no bottom.
You could almost step straight into them 
and leave this world 
far far behind.


could look into them all day
and see new things 
monsters and gods
offers and faces cast away
There is no time here
it does not matter.
time paused never elapsing.
One man's name married to god.

When i walked in
all i saw was black paintings
and i waited for something to happen
Then i noticed the museum lighting change
they were making it brighter 
and then lighter.
The pictures began to dance a little
giving a glimpse of figures.
Crosses and totem poles and ladies in waiting.
I realized it was not fake light but
natural light being pushed onto the pictures
making new colors.
washing them.
Changing those new colors again
into even newer ones.
Now i know the secret of those paintings.
They are not 14 black paintings filling space
they are space
and a window to 
that other place.

1 comment:

  1. Marc, They should allow camping inside the chapel three days would work maybe a week or more. Loved your insight (insite) excellent in the know
    Tom Hatch