Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Raffle Prize

by Joan McNerney

I bumped into my neighbor.
She slipped me some posters
to put up. There’s going to be a
craft fair. Everybody can come.
Proceeds go for a good cause.

Red X marked my calendar.
Gosh, I couldn’t even tell you
how many friends of mine
gathered at long rows of tables.

For sale were fleece jackets, woolen
scarves, feathered hats, fancy tees.
Plus rings, necklaces, earrings,
glitter pins, bracelets.  Wow!

So I took a chance and bought some
raffle tickets...all for a good cause.
But truth be known, I was eyeing
three wonderful bracelets.

Three amazing amulets colored like
three cups of coffee.  Dark roasted java,
frothy white crème, crystal sugar cubes.
Stretch jewelry made from stones in
all shapes, ovals, squares, hexagons.

Later that afternoon came a knock on
my door. I won the three bracelets!
How fantastic and they fit me perfect.
I love running my fingers over these
cool gems all contours, all sizes.

Aloe vera lotion and cocoa butter are
slathered all over my hands now so
I can show off my raffle prize tomorrow.
Everyone will find out I’m a winner.

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