Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Challenging the Wind

by John Pursch

Shuffled hearts turn and fuel the hinterland’s echoing dale, spelling a cackler’s baffling barnyard call, typecasting our menial oaths of plangent seaborne lace. Pages mingle, overturn a lasting regal tart, and disinter a palatial parasite’s altered dunes, showering the rippling delta with splintered toads. Reading wet threads of screwball tractor meal, the chief arrests dozens in a swath, swiping ancillary legatees with turbaned wooden creeps, habitually bent. Blemished oncologists consider ripping cloture from a trinket of pasty, involved ligature; expanding diction’s few heuristic tries with pterodactyl glyphs, plugging the sarcophagi with wheeled profiles. Raising bylaws to mete out dusty sand pits, leap years erect a fool’s gold lamprey trap, shopping for lifted hackles in a tasty crab pinion. Now that hocked lakeshore cabins have kicked back and stripped their nuked launches, reflecting drool candidly treats traveling shirkers to fluid plops, asserting enervating glue. Periodic troves infatuate romantic sisters, leaving pieces of puzzle retractors to haunt abandoned sawmills, scattering grainy photographs, challenging the wind.

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