Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The train journey

by Jagannath Rao Adukuri

Together we need a respite from howling
In the inner depths of the train’s night,
Clackety clackety, inside, full with feeling
I stir along with the train and thought.
She the train better stop thinking violent
Not puffing like her coal-eater ancestor
While mind walks slowly like the blue bird
That went up and down on the telephone wire.

Train-fans stir cold wind and winter air
Shaking shadows of several recently fed men
Bringing out ugly sounds from sleep’s depths.
Dreams spoil fun through monster bridges
And dark tunnels in mountain’s green wombs.
She writes her history on two parallel lines
In the black parchment all the while erasing it;
I collect exquisite shadows of night’s silence. 

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