Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, April 12, 2012


by Marc Carver

God, those birds
are desperate to have me out of bed today.
He is out there banging it out
as if he, is the best trumpet player in the world.

Why does this day have to start so early?
What is going to be so special about today.
Another day that will start
with a push then a pull
Then a road will open up before me
and well
all i have to do
is be brave enough to walk down it.

I can still hear him out there
Dizzy bloody Gillespie.
Doesn't he know his job is done
he has me up
and ready for the muses.

Yes i know i have poetry to write and the novel to start.
I know but my mind is still on yesterday
the unfinished day.
It still lives on,
lives on in my mind,
Something just was not right about it.

Days slip by
but some leave that feeling in your stomach.
That feeling that however much the world smiles
It is not quite true.

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