Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Thursday, April 19, 2012


by Marc Carver

I went to give blood
mainly to see if they would accept it.
I don't know what test they do at the start
but i guess it is for aids or something.
And my girlfriend told me to do it
so i would not have to use protection the next time i saw her.
I told the lady who tested me
how wonderful her eyes were
a shade i had never seen before
and she gave me a bronze award.
The lady who took my blood
changed her accent
and i told her
just to take the bad blood out.
I got chatting to an old woman while having our biscuits
"You know they pay for this in America i can't imagine what some of the guys would look like around here probably white as sheets."
She did not really want to talk to me
but i dragged some words from her
before she left.

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