Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

love is the lowering of expectations to a level that actually allows you to love

by Luke Weldon

today i woke up to some sort of ringing

yesterday still braided in me

i found a shirt
i found a coat
& walked outside down the gravel driveway
to a field heavy with morning &
i felt heavy with it

the heart is a terrible master
the head is violent and cruel when
it takes a person & says 'you are mine'
not like a love but like a pet

hell is the body a soul refuses to stay inside
i found this out when my body
felt too big walking across a room
and i am not symmetrical
nor is my torso shaped like a v

today i woke up to some sort of ringing
my gown tangled

a woman took me to the bathroom and help me shit

my parents came
my friends came and left
my parents left
my parents came with my clothes &
drove me home & i went to bed

here is a bone i have cut into--
but how i do want to be the bone
set into place or the flint
in the hoof
or a spool of some wound
thing; to take in
& be taken in.

the field is heavy with morning &
i feel heavy with it

i was sick for seven and a half years
but i think i'm beginning to feel
a little better

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