Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


by Edgar Rider

Former would be King Hamlet now Vamlet ponders his situation. How did he end up becoming a vampire.

Horatio his faithful companion is equally perplexed. Horatio sitting near a tree does not hear the footsteps of impending intruders.

The gravediggers aka the Clowns use their magic dust on Horatio.

He sneaks up on Vamlet. "Horatio is that you?"

Before Vamlet can utter another word Horatio coldcocks him from behind

"I feel funny," Horatio says as a scowl dawns his face. "But in a good devious way."

Horatio knows what he must do.  He rides into town.  Horatio is usually weak but finds unusual strength in his newfound darkness.  Horatio takes over the throne by force.  The gravediggers fight alongside their new cohort.  Horatio slices and dices his way to clear cut victory.

Horatio sits on the throne.  "King Horatio.  I like the sound of that."  He waits for a  second as if hearing applause.  "They never saw this coming." He then pauses as if having a conversation with himself. "Sidekick, my left family jewel."

The transfixed guards lead Vamlet into the room. They force Vamlet to a kneeling position looking up at Horatio.  Vamlet is still stunned by his best friends betrayal.  "What is this?  My best friend.  Why you vermin." He pauses gather his thoughts. "What spell are you under anyway?" 

He notices the gravediggers who have now morphed into clowns. "Ah yes that explains it all.  Do not fear Horatio, I shall bring you back to your former self."

Vamlet is led away in chains. King Horatio smiles and shrugs his shoulders. What was Vamlet talking about .  Oh well for now I am enjoying this.

Better to be king for one day then a peon for a lifetime.

How will Vamlet get out of this one. And will Horatio go back to being his former self. Too soon to tell.........

Editor's Note:  Edgar Rider's idea of Vamlet came from a cheesy Halloween costume, inspring the  combination of e a vampire with Hamlet. Tales of Vamlet have appeared in the Short Humor Site, 69 Flavors of Paranoia, and will be featured in the upcoming November issue of WeirdYear.

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