Travelers Welcome

Travelers Welcome

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Satan Never Knew He Had A Twin

by Cynthia Ruth Lewis

It figures.
I should have known you'd show up again.
I knew the day would come
when you'd eventually resurface,
like the stubborn turd that you are

You're sadly mistaken if you think
I've got nothing better to do
than fall for your bullshit a second time around,
that I still have such a low opinion of myself
I'd allow you to drag me through the mud again,
and re-expose myself to your psychotic mind games
and emotional torment

I was hoping you'd be hanging by your nuts
in Hades by now
but I guess even the devil doesn't want
your sorry ass;
I'm sure you even took him for a ride
at some point in time,
but you were always such an expert at deception,
he probably didn't even recognize his own kin

I'm sure he learned a thing or two from you
before he had sense enough to cut you loose

I learned a great deal, myself;
I'm amazed at all I went through because of you
but, I have to admit that it strengthened me
enough to where I can look back
and laugh at it all,
and if you, yourself,
would have learned the art of that
a long time ago
instead of taking your relentless anger out on others,
you might have even had half a chance
in the human race....

and the devil would still be an only child

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